Danco Products History

This goal of excellence has been a trademark of Danco since its beginning in 1973. The president and founder, Daniel Reynolds, began acquiring mechanical experience working on his family’s farm as a young boy. Dan continued honing his mechanical skills as a machinist in a local metal working plant. His co-founding of Jerr-Dan Corporation was the beginning of his pursuit of entrepreneurship. Dan later transferred his assets from Jerr-Dan into the formation of Danco Products and purchased the Grove Agricultural Division. Danco farm equipment continues to prove durable through many years of service. In 1983, Danco added the manufacturing of rollbacks to its production. Danco’s farm equipment customers were looking for the same durable qualities in a towing vehicle.  

Follow below through the history of Danco Products by each decade, along with a breakout section on our founder, Daniel Reynolds.

Daniel L. Reynolds

Daniel Reynolds was born on June 18th, 1948, in Waynesboro, PA. Son of Victor and Mildred Reynolds, Dan grew up on their family farm with his 3 siblings Richard, Joyce, and Dorothy. One of Dan's greatest joys in life was always farming with his father, which is where he acquired his mechanical skills and determined work ethic. While in school, Daniel worked for a local machine shop called Antrim Machining, where he met Jerry Pool. Starting off cleaning machines, the company quickly saw Dan's potential as a machinist and trained him to work in their machine shop. Once graduating from Greencastle-Antrim Senior High School, Dan went on to work at Grove manufacturing until 1972, when Jerry Pool and Daniel founded Jerr-Dan corporation together, which at the time was focused on sub-machine work and the beginning of the modern rollback. In 1973, Dan experienced one of the most important years of his life. First, on May 26th, Dan married his sweetheart, Darlene Reynolds. Second, he made the decision to take his assets from the Jerr-Dan corporation and formed Danco Products.

For the remainder of his life, Dan enjoyed leading Danco products for 49 years, through all the trials and successes that came along the way. His employees were like family to him, as well as the costumers and vendors. Aside from Danco, Dan was active in the community, participating in the Greencastle Lions Club as well as taking on the presidential roll in the Greencastle Antrim Area Development Corporation. He was an active member at Calvary Bible Church serving on the leadership team, before attending church at Cornerstone Bible Church. In the summer, Dan would spend time at the Potomac Fish & Game Club with friends and family, as well as judging gun shoot competitions throughout the year. At home, Dan enjoyed spending time on his farm raising beef cattle as well as hunting, fishing, hanging out by the creek, and spending time with his family.

Daniel Reynolds with Mike Kuhn, former sales representative.

Dan at the family farm with his parents, Victor and Mildred Reynolds, and his 3 siblings Dorothy, Joyce, and Richard.

Dan with his wife, Darlene.

Dan working on his farm with his grandsons, Wesley and Zakary Reynolds.

The Danco Products family picture in 2010.

Danco Products History - 1970's


Dan Reynolds takes his assets from the Jerr-Dan Corporation to form Danco Products, starting out as a sub machine shop for local industries.


Danco purchases the former Grove Agriculture Division from Jerr-Dan Corporation and begins producing a large range of hydraulic farm equipment.

Danco Products History - 1980's


Danco started manufacturing and marketing rollbacks under the name Shadow Carriers. Many of these units are still in operation today.


Danco designed and built its first version of the 3-Car & 4-Car Carrier.


Danco soon outgrew its facilities and moved operations to its current location on South Cedar Lane in Greencastle, PA, the location of the former Grove Manufacturing plant.

Danco Products History - 1990's


Danco manufacturered the first patented swivel/rotating car carrier designed for the towing and recovery industry. The Swivel helps the operator to perform safe and quick recoveries without blocking traffic.


Danco designed a logo to align with the description of products being sold, as well as representing the American colors in order to show that all Danco products and parts are proudly made in the U.S.A.

Danco Products History - 2000's


Danco introduced the all aluminum 3 Car “Pac Rat” carrier. A new design that is capable of hauling 3 cars without requiring a CDL. It utilizes a weight transfer design.


Danco expanded operations into a new 17,000 sq ft building on their property with a state-of-the-art paint facility and assembly plant.


Danco began the production of its wrecker line. The first to be revealed was the 8-Ton Prowler, which is an integrated wrecker with hydraulic stiff legs, an industry first.


With popular demands for the 8-Ton Prowler. Danco shortly came out with the 12-Ton Prowler Series, having many of the same popular features along with more lifting and towing capacity.


With increasing demands for a car carrier with side pulling capability, Danco designed and added the Sidewinding Cab Protector to the rollback line of equipment. This cab protector option allows the operator to winch off either side of the carrier.


Danco manufactured the first American recovery crane. The Mantis RC70 is a crane that mounts along with a rollback and takes the place of bringing a wrecker to a recovery scene.


Danco released into production the new 16-Ton Falcon, a true medium duty integrated wrecker for the towing and recovery industry.

Danco Products History - 2010's


A redesign of the Danco logo was conducted, giving the Danco brand an updated and more 21st century look.


Danco was the first rollback company to redesign & institute the belly bar on the 3 & 4-car haulers. This unique design allows the cab suspension to freely move over the traditional bumper mounted system, it provides better weight distribution, it increases driver visibility, and it allows easier driver access to the cab.


Danco introduced the Self-Loading Integrated Wrecker into the production line. With the safety of the driver in mind, this truck is a must have for those who need to work from the safety of the cab.


Danco began redesigning the safety and operation decals for its equipment. Giving a sharper and sleeker look, the new decals also allow for easier to read instructions and allows for easier operation of Danco equipment.


A redesign of the Danco website was conducted, allowing us to add more information for our customers and our dealers.


Danco's logo underwent yet another redesign, fixing design flaws from the 2012 redesign to give a sharper look to our products and online presence. This logo is the final design, which is still used today!


Danco released into production the new 8-Ton Integrated Self-Loading Wrecker. Capable of serving the use of a self-loader, as well as having the performance abilities of the 8-Ton Wrecker, this wrecker redefines high performance and allows the tower to do more while paying less.


Danco released into production the new 15-Ton Steel Flatbed (30SFB), an addition to the industrial carrier line. This flatbed model allows customers to purchase a truck without hydraulic components and services those who simply just need a truck to transport materials and other equipment.

Danco Products History - 2020's


Danco designs the first ever rollback capable of being installed on a dual fuel tank dodge chassis. With careful engineering, this design allows our customers to purchase trucks that will go further and work longer.


Operations continued as scheduled through the COVID-19 pandemic. We are so proud of our workers who persevered through these challenging times and allowed us to continue to serve the towing and hauling industry.


Daniel Reynolds, the founder of Danco and C.E.O. for over 40 years, passed away on Thursday, July 21st. Daniel loved serving this industry and all of the towing costumers and vendors that came with it. Danco was a second home for Dan and the employees here were his second family. His hard work and determination is what has led this company to be the leading manufacturer of towing and hauling solutions that it is today. We will miss you, Dan, and will continue to carry out your vision here at Danco.


Darlene Reynolds becomes Owner, President, and C.E.O. of Danco Products, continuing the vision of her late husband, Daniel Reynolds.


NEW PRODUCT: It is our pleasure to introduce the 14-Ton Integrated Wrecker to the production line. This new model was created to help the tower move more and earn more.


Danco Products celebrates it's 50-years anniversary!