History of Danco Products

This goal of excellence has been a trademark of Danco since its beginning in 1973. The president and founder, Dan Reynolds, began acquiring mechanical experience working on his family’s farm as a young boy. Dan continued honing his mechanical skills as a machinist in a local metal working plant. His co-founding of Jerr-Dan Corporation was the beginning of his pursuit of entrepreneurship. Dan later transferred his assets from Jerr-Dan into the formation of Danco Products and purchased the Grove Agricultural Division. The Danco farm equipment continues to prove durable through many years of service.

In 1983, Danco added the manufacturing of rollbacks to its production. Danco’s farm equipment customers were looking for the same durable qualities in a towing vehicle. Design through AutoCAD programming and the utilization of computerized machinery in the manufacturing process produces rollbacks of excellent quality.Along with the variety of models and sizes of rollbacks, Danco added the patented SWIVEL rollback. The new SWIVEL lives up to the Danco name. The special feature of maneuvering quickly to recover a vehicle adds to the towman’s profit. Its unique maneuverability also enhances operator safety in highway recovery. Crowded parking lots are no longer the dreaded tasks. The new Swivel is today’s answer for future challenges.

In 2004, Danco expanded to a new 17,000 square foot manufacturing facility. This houses a state-of-the art paint process along with a streamline assembly area. The new plant is located directly across the street from the original facility. MORE.......


Dan Reynolds takes his assets from the Jerr-Dan Corporation to form Danco Products. Starting out as a sub machine shop for local industries.


Danco purchases the former Grove Agriculture Division from Jerr-DanCorporation, and begins producing a large range of hydraulic farm equipment.


Danco started manufacturing and
marketing rollbacks under the name
Shadow Carriers. Many of these units
are still in operation today.


Danco builds its first version of the 3 & 4 car carrier. Due to the increased requests for the 2 car carrier Danco begins its endeavors to start producing multi car haulers along with flat beds.


During a time of steady growth Danco soon outgrows its facilities and moves operations to its current location at:411 South Cedar LaneGreencastle, PA


Danco manufacturers the first patented swivel/rotating car carrier designed for the towing and recovery industry. The Swivel helps the operator to perform safe and quick recoveries without blocking traffic.


Danco introduces the all aluminum 3 Car “Pac Rat” carrier. A new design that is capable of hauling 3 cars without requiring a CDL. It utilizes a weight transfer design.


Danco expands operations into a new 17,000 sq ft building on their property with a state-of-the-art paint facility and assembly plant.


Danco starts the production of its wrecker line. The first to be revealed is the 8 Ton Prowler, which is an integrated wrecker with hydraulic stiff legs, an industry first.


With popular demands of the 8 Ton Prowler Danco shortly came out with the 12 Ton Prowler Series having many of the same popular features along with more lifting and towing capacity.


With increasing demands for a car carrier with side pulling capability. Danco designs and builds the Sidewinding Cab Protectorwhich allows the operator to winch offeither side of the carrier.


Danco manufacturers the first American recovery crane. The Mantis RC70 is a crane that mounts along with a rollback and takes the place of bringing a wrecker outto a recovery scene.


Danco has just released into production the new 16 Ton Falcon a true medium duty integrated wrecker for the towing and recovery industry.


Danco was the first rollback company to redesign & institute the belly bar on the 3 & 4-car haulers. This unique design allows the cab suspension to freely move over the traditional bumper mounted system, it provides better weight distribution, and it increases driver visibility, and allows easier driver access to the cab.

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