Danco offers a one-year unlimited mileage warranty program to the original purchaser on each new Danco unit.  Danco units will be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of one year from the date of purchase.  If any material failure or faulty workmanship occurs, immediately notify Danco in writing. Danco will not accept any warranties received later than 12 months from date placed in service.

Please see Danco's full warranty for details. The warranty is located in the back of the Operator's Manual.  We can email you a copy of the Warranty Section if you cannot find yours. Operator Manuals are available for the owner's of each truck. You receive it with your truck. Replacement copies of the manual can be purchased from the Parts & Service Department.

Warranties are handled through our Parts & Service Department. Please contact them to begin a Warranty Claim.


Warranty Claim Form

• All warranties MUST BE APPROVED BY DANCO BEFORE repairs are made or any parts purchased!
Have your truck's Serial Number ready when submitting a claim.
• Danco reserves the right to refuse any or all claims that DO NOT follow the claims procedure.
• Danco reserves the right to refuse any or all claims that involve parts not covered by Danco's Manufacturer's Warranty or involve damage from negligence (such as required maintenance), improper use, or operator error.
• The Warranty Claim form must be filed with Danco BEFORE any warranty parts & service can be scheduled or shipped.

Warranty Registration Form

• This form came with your new truck. It's located in the back of the Owner's Manual. It must be filled out and returned to Danco immediately after purchase.
• The Warranty Registration must be filed with Danco BEFORE any warranty claim can be opened.